Meet The Team

Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra - Founder and CEO
I’m Sakshi, founder of @bit_of_meraki & since introducing oneself can be boring, I want to share some fun facts about me -If someone gave me a million $ to skip my black coffee for one morning, they can keep the million. I deliberately mix up lyrics of every song and make my own to the same tune. It gives me inner peace. I shortlist my travel destinations based on the hotels with interiors that I’m obsessed with.

Anushka Bagrola 

Anushka Bagrola - Product Designer
If I could have any superpower, it would be power to hog food and not get fat ever. I don't like taking showers but when I do I am on fire.

Shivi Agarwal

Shivi Agarwal
I love exploring new cultures & cuisines. Travelled to 22 countries (and counting!)

Shivani Kalbende

Shivani Kalbende - Social Media Manager
I always order iced beverages so that I can eat the ice once I have finished the drink. I love to explore different cafes with pretty interiors and of course good food! Also, I love to collect boxes of different shapes, sizes and colors and treasure them.


Kyle - Warehouse Operations Manager
I'm a proud pet and plant parent with a dog, two cats, two ferrets, and over two hundred houseplants. Aspire to build a permaculture farm. Avid at crochet and knitting. Studied computer science and musical theatre in college. And I am the co-leader of a guild in World of Warcraft, main a holy priest.

Antriksh Somany

Antriksh Somany - Marketing Manager
So, I work on our online presence and digital marketing along with Shivani and Sakshi. I love to travel, meet new people and learn about their experiences/stories.