Pithora Wall Hanging

Pithora wall hanging is made 90% out of wool with pink and grey pastel hues. Hang it over your bed, next to that beautiful sofa or in your children's nursery, it's bound to get you some serious compliments. "Pithora" is a ritualistic painting done on the walls by tribes who live in central Madhya Pradesh in India. These paintings have significance in their lives and executing the Pithora paintings in their homes brings peace, prosperity and happiness. This wall hanging is part of the collection which is tribute to the traditional art and fabrics of India and we hope they bring everything positive and more to your homes.

  • Color: Pink gray
  • Material: 10%Cotton and 90%Wool Handmade
  • Dimensions: 20"W x 1"D x 40"H, 1.5 lbs.