How to decorate your home this Christmas?

How to decorate your home this Christmas?


Christmas is knocking on our door and we are all looking forward to a time that is filled with warmth, love and hundreds of fun moments. It is the charm that this time of the year has that makes us want to just take a step back, relax with our loved ones and look at and cherish about all the good that has happened and feel victorious over all bad that we overcame together.

This special time of the year also calls for cute, lovely and welcoming decorations which everyone just loves. Walking into our homes during the Christmas season with all the decorations definitely brings a smile on our faces and we are here to help broaden that smile. We spoke to hundreds of people, sat with decorators and surveyed our customers to bring to you some of the best Christmas decoration ideas.

Let’s start with the most important element of any Christmas decoration - The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Your Christmas Tree is the center of your Christmas decoration, but nobody said it had to be in the center. If you have a big enough space, go ahead and place the tree in the center, but if you're constricted by space, like the most of us, set up your tree in a corner and align all your other décor in a fashion that either looks like it is leading to the tree, for compliments the tree placement. Having your tree in one corner and all the other stuff distributed throughout the space is not something we recommend.

Decorate your tree with beautiful Papier Mache balls, stars, lights and other elements to make it look livelier. Add a star or an ornament on the top of your tree, it really adds a touch of beauty. You can also decorate the tree with paper crafts, origami and balls made of cloth. Use elements that compliment one another and remember, there is nothing as “too Christmas-y”

This was what your cliché and go to Christmas tree looks like, but if you are looking for something different for your Christmas tree this year, here are some ideas you might want to have a look at.

Reusable Christmas Tree

Who said your Christmas tree had to be a tree, this is a very beautiful and innovative way of substituting a traditional Christmas tree with something more sustainable while preserving the look and vibe of Christmas decorations. The huge star on the top is a great addition and we highly recommend it.

Christmas Decoration

Why have one tree when you can have many, along with balloons for clouds? This is one of our favorite suggestions. Instead of having 1 big tree, having multiple small trees creates a wonderful look that screams Christmas. The white tones instead of green in the image above creates a very sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere and paired with the helium balloons on the ceiling, they just make the perfect setting for your Christmas Décor.

 Christmas Decor Christmas decor 

Replace your standard couch cushions with festive throw pillows, and add a plaid throw or rug for a splash of color and to create a cozy space. To completely increase the Christmas vibes, place giant bows or sprigs of fresh pine on already existing décor like picture frames, mirrors, and bookcases. 

Christmas figurines should be placed on glass cabinets and shelves, and strings of fairy lights should be draped around window sills and display cases. Candles, pine cones, and citrus fruits put casually will further contribute to the family room's warmth. Paper décor and origami are also one of hottest recommendations by decorators for this Christmas Season.

Christmas Living Room Decor Christmas Trinkets decor
Christmas quirky decor Christmas Decor

Next let's move to the heart of every Christmas home - the dining and kitchen. After All this is where you will have fulfilling meals with your family, therefore this deserves special attention. Swap all your table elements - coaters, mats and tableware with something Christmasy. We highly recommend handknit table runners for your dining table. Not only do they cover a substantial space but also are a base on top of which you can place and match other elements. 

An alternative option will be to keep everything minimal and add gold details.. Go for a minimal décor with all whites and hints of green or for more decorative style with hints of pink and gold with mini Christmas trees on the center. Here are some great ideas to brighten up your kitchen and dining, this Christmas. 

Christmas decor for dining table Christmas Decor for dining table
Christmas decor for dining table Christmas decor for your kitchen

Now that we have discussed most open spaces in your home, let's move to the bedrooms because it is Christmas and your bedroom also needs to feel all holiday-y. 

Add matching throw pillows to brightly colored contrasting comforters scattered over the bed. Red and gold candles strategically placed on bedside tables or window sills might help to break up the dreariness of winter. Even a strand of fairy lights draped over the headboard or over the dresser can instantly transform the space into a Christmas wonderland. Add little trinkets of Christmas all over your bedroom - on the book shelf, the side table and your dresser. If you have some space, throw in a little Christmas tree or a variation of one - similar to the one we showed above.  

Christmas Decor for Bedroom Christmas Decor for Bedroom

Moving on, you can add elements of Christmas décor throughout your home and when strategically placed, you can create wonderful spaces throughout. You can add decorations and frills to your staircase pillars, add plants in natural aesthetic planters along the lobby and leave trinkets of Christmas elements throughout to create a lovely space. 

Christmas Decor Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor Christmas Decor

After all our suggestions we hope you have a little clearer idea on how you would want to go about with your Christmas decorations. We are believers in handmade and sustainable décor elements so we would always encourage you to keep in mind the factor of sustainability while choosing your Christmas decorations so that our future generations can also enjoy the holidays just as much as we do, if not more. But no matter how you decorate your home, make sure to have loads of fun with your family and loved ones. Nothing is more important than creating memories during the holidays - decorations are just a way to brighten up those moments. 

We - the team of Bit of Meraki - wish you and your loved ones a beautiful and delightful Christmas this year and for all the years to come.


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