MERAKI means “doing something with soul, creativity, and love.” Since we love what we do, we believe in sharing our passion and success with our communities.
As a brand, it's been hard to pick issues directly impacting our communities that we want to represent and support since the list keeps growing. However, here are a few recent initiatives that we contributed to with your help! 
To know more about any of our donations, please email us at with your questions. 
Bit of meraki impact
As a brand we've tried to create an impact on every step of our value chain. We have tried to help directly through donations and indirectly through our sourcing structures.
We aim to use quality natural raw materials and natural dyes in our products, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability. All our products are handmade by artisans with very little representation otherwise. We partner with NGOs and clusters to develop and design our products using traditional crafting techniques as well as completely sustainable raw materials. While helping them practice and perfect their craft we make sure that the artisans are paid well and do not work under any wrong working conditions. As a brand that stands for sustainability we make sure that no artisans involved with us is ill-treated. Our product development team also plays a very active role in interacting with the artisans - keeping them updated about latest trends, new material and techniques.
Bit of meraki impact
Fair paying career opportunity and a safe work environment is not all that the artisans get. From an outsiders point of view, sure that is all but the real magic is the ripple effect of impact we have generated.
Because it is very difficult for women in rural India to go out and find a safe job , this has provided earning opportunities to hundreds of women - so far Bit of Meraki has worked with 1819 women artisans directly. This not only increases the average household income and helps them choose a better lifestyle but also helps the women get financially independent which is lacking in rural India.
Currently we are directly associated with 15 Craft Clusters in India who are working with over 3000 artisans helping them earn a healthy living through their art while also preserving a piece of their culture which would otherwise have been lost.
Charity water and bit of meraki
Other than that we have also made a pledge that $5 from each and every sale would be donated directly to charity water to help provide clean and safe water to households where clean water is scarce.
100% of this money was used to build clean water projects and help families. Our most recent contribution was $450 and you can view it by searching on the charity water page
Thank you for making an impact with us and bringing clean water to people in need.
It's a ripple effect, after all, and every action makes a difference.

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