MERAKI means “doing something with soul, creativity, and love.” Since we love what we do, we believe in sharing our passion and success with our communities.

As a brand, it's been hard to pick issues directly impacting our communities that we want to represent and support since the list keeps growing. However, here are a few recent 2020 initiatives that we contributed to with your help! 

To know more about any of our donations, please email us at with your questions. 

Donating to bringing CLEAN WATER to developing nations



We aim to use quality natural raw materials and natural dyes in our products, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, every Bit of Meraki purchase contributes $3 to charity:water, a non profit that helps bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary by supporting people in Mali to have access to clean water by donating 10% of our proceeds. In the West African country of Mali, the threat of COVID-19, a recently-destabilized government, and an escalating climate crisis have made the need for clean water more urgent than ever. 

100% of this money was used to build clean water projects and help families. Our earlier contributions have already gone to the field and you can view them by searching on the charity water page.

Because of the impact of 2020 on our business we couldn't donate to our partner in the last 2 quarters however we're back now and are chasing our business targets of supporting more people with access to clean water! 

Thank you for making an impact with us and bringing clean water to people in need. It's a ripple effect, after all, and every action makes a difference.


Donating to Fighting Racial Justice 

Cooper Baumga

This past few months have opened our eyes to an issue that has come to forefront like never before. As women of color founders, we stand in solidarity with our Black community and with Black Lives Matter. As a company that has strong commitments to protecting our environment and supporting artisans with fair wages, we've decided to add one more very important cause to our list - Supporting organizations that are fighting for racial justice.

We have donated 100% of our sales - $1400 (from our website and our partner websites) to NAACP Legal Defence fund for the month of June 2020 - a non profit legal organization that seeks structural changes to expand democracy - from new assaults on voting rights, to a renewed push to undermine equal access, to quality education, to the reversal of criminal justice and policing reform. ⁠We will a provide an update of the funds donated by the end of the month. (Picture by - Cooper Baumga)

Please reach out to us if you have any questions on 

Donated to Wildlife Recovery in Australia Brush Fires

We donated $200 to Animal charity Humane Society International (HSI) that deployed a disaster response team on a search and rescue mission for wildlife survivors of the bushfires that have scorched over one third of the island. With assistance from Humane Society International, HSI/Australia will provide funds, supplies and support to Wildlife Land Trust sanctuaries and other wildlife carers across fire zones. (Picture by - Bob Walker)