Our Journey & Mission

Born out of passion for celebrating the free-spirited personality, Bit of Meraki is the melange of contemporary, bohemian, and chic designs in home decor products. Our products are handmade with natural materials and are ethically sourced from around the globe.


Six years ago, our founders worked in a social enterprise that helped improve living standards and create employment opportunities for people from remote villages in India. Working in the villages connected them closer to their communities and highlighted the need to support these rural communities to thrive.   

After life and career changes, they missed their work with the communities, culture, and social impact. They embarked on the journey of creating Bit of Meraki to engage with global communities and collaborate with talented individuals who create inspiring crafts. Today, we share with you collections that embody the effort, designs, and attitudes of different cultures. 

Our mission is to empower artisans across the world by bringing their custom handmade crafts to global markets, whilst contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Bit of Meraki partners with skilled artisans from remote villages in India and Africa to create handcrafted, ethical products. We aim to empower entrepreneurs by employing individuals from disadvantaged communities, enabling them to showcase their talents and support their families through fair wages. 

Empowering artisans across the world and bringing their custom handmade designs to global markets is our North Star and inspiration. Our goal is to connect our customers with these artisans in a way that shares appreciation of the love, care, and the time behind building each product.


A glimpse of our world