Supporting More Women Artisans with Kadam Haat

Supporting More Women Artisans with Kadam Haat

When we say reducing our carbon footprint - what do we really mean? 
“Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and specifically carbon dioxide emitted by something (such as a person's activities or a product's manufacture and transport) during a given period” – Merriam Webster

In other words, as human beings we’re taught to CONSUME at a very early age and we go on doing that during our entire lifetime. Consumption of clothing, cars, food, electricity, travel, overuse of natural recourses and the list goes on.

Today, we as individuals are paying that cost of over consumption by facing climate change & scarcity of natural resources for basic consumption. When we lower our individual carbon footprints – by reducing our consumption, using clean energy, or offsetting our emissions, we're investing in our long-term financial security.

Our Proud Partnerships! 
At Bit of Meraki we’re constantly looking for partners that can help us do exactly that – reduce our carbon footprint by producing products using local natural raw materials that are available in abundance as well as support our other missions of economic sustainability for marginalized rural communities in India.

India has more which has a rich cultural heritage of handcrafting and handloom weaving specifically part of rural India.  Handmade products are more labor intensive & have negligible carbon footprint plus we get creative every home products with traditional craftsmanship.

Born in 2008, Kadam Haat trains & supports artisans in 4 states of India, supporting 400+ artisans with 70% of them being women. Kadam (the nonprofit part of Kadam Haat) trains these artisans in a professional capacity to help them earn a sustainable living through the year. They work from the comfort of their homes & make everyday baskets for use with locally available raw materials like Sabai Grass, Wicker, Bamboo etc.

Kadam Haat empowers these artisans by setting up the infrastructure, essential supply chains in the villages to reach social conscious consumers across the globe!

We’re proud to partner with Kadam Haat to bring their beautiful socially conscious table décor products that are eco-friendly and handmade painstakingly with love using local grasses and Azo Free Dye. 

Find them first on Faire Summer Market - July 27th to July 29th

Watch this video to get a closer look at the products!

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Women empowerment at its absolute best, amazing work!

Sawini Mehrotra

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