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Everything You Need To Know About Bohemian Home Décor

Bohemian décor has now become everyone’s favorite but just a few ask this question, only to be later disappointed by the answer they get.

If we were to put it simply, Boho décor is what you’d get when someone who has travelled the world settles down and decorates their home with everything they have collected over their travels or when you leave someone with a keen eye to look for décor in a flea market.

 What is Bohemian Décor?

Everything is and isn’t bohemian at the same time. Things and décor do not qualify as bohemian because of the design or the material or the place of origin. The bohemian essence in design comes from the nature of design and materials used. Bohemian décor and design incorporates a lot of layering. It loves to play with different textures, reflections, materials and bold design elements. Bohemian design is about achieving a relaxed and cool look using layers of pattern, texture and color.

Let me give you an example:

Simple cotton throw pillows on a couch
(Simple Cotton Throw Pillows) 
(Bohemian Throw Pillows)
Both throw pillows are made of the exact same materials, but the difference lies in the nature of how those materials were used.

Key Design Elements of Bohemian Décor

Don’t be shy, get bold

Bohemian interior is unapologetic for its rich colors, textures and bold patterns. When you decorate your bohemian home, rules can take a back seat and you can go as loud as you please. But make sure when you’re done everything comes together because that is the beauty of bohemian décor - it feels like contained chaos, something that makes you feel comfortable in the rustic nature of itself.

Layers, layers and more layers

This is the crux of bohemian design, the soul on which it’s aesthetics thrive. Mix up materials and elements to bring more character to your Boho home. Boho interiors allow you to be playful with your ideas. It gives you the freedom to throw a handwoven rug next to a modern couch, blending their characteristics into something casual and comforting.

Let your home tell your story

Boho homes are filled with little trinkets that are conversation starters. Every little detail you add to your bohemian home should tell a story. This adds a subconscious emotional layer of love and memories to your home which makes it feel homely and positive.

Try more earthy/natural elements

Yes, we said all materials qualify as bohemian but just as George Orwell said in animal farm “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” similarly, “All materials are bohemian, but some materials are more bohemian than others”. Bohemian décor comes to life when you use natural handmade elements. Think wooden furniture and lots of plants for example.

Mix antiques and modern crafts

Try and mix antiques with modern finishes. This might be thought as a bold move but that is what bohemian design is about. Try flea markets, garage sales or vintage stores to find stuff that brings history with it. Old music players, French-style side tables, anything that brings generations worth of stories is much appreciated in bohemian homes.

There is nothing like too many plants

As we said, natural elements bring life to your bohemian home and what is more natural than plants. Plants not only add beauty, texture and freshness to your home but they also make it feel more homely and welcome. They bring comfort to the entire look which is the very essence of Bohemian interiors.


Myths About Bohemian Décor

Bohemian décor is expensive

This is a myth on so many levels. We just mentioned that you can look for elements to style your Boho home at garage sales and flea markets. Now those are places where you might find things at decent prices. You can also use lots of plants which again are nowhere as expensive as other home décor elements of similar size.

Too many layers make it messy

Layers are the heart and soul of bohemian design and there is nothing as too many layers as long as you make sure that everything compliments each other. Layering is important but it is equally important that your layers match. Make sure the colors and textures are complementary to one another when it comes to aesthetics and you’ll never run into a trouble people call as “too many layers”.

Bohemian décor is for hippies

Bohemian designs have been associated with hippies for as long as they have existed. The only commonness between them is they both seek comfort, which is why people who come under the hippie umbrella relate with bohemian design elements. Bohemian décor is for anyone who is free-hearted, loves to experiment and explore. It is for the free spirited soul who loves a rustic and energetic vibe in their living space.

Boho Décor Elements We Recommend

 Bohemian Throw Pillow Mood Board

Throw pillows are a non-negotiable element in bohemian home décor. They help you add character and depth in your living space and your bedroom. Not only do they look cute and gorgeous, they also make your space look homely, warm and welcoming to anyone who visits you. Make sure to choose throw pillows that complement other pieces of furniture and decoration. Let your imagination work when you mix and match multiple throw pillows to create the perfect bohemian setting.

Bohemian Poufs Mood Board

What throw pillows are to beds and couches, poufs are to floors. They are not just a décor element but a practical one too. Add a pouf to your fireside chair and you have the perfect spot to read your favorite book while you enjoy your coffee/tea/wine. Adding poufs to your décor is a great way to add layers to your furniture which is one of the core essence of bohemian décor.

Bohemian Wall hangings mood board

Now that you have added character to your beds, couches and floors, how could you leave your walls empty. A plain wall negates all that you have done to capture that bohemian feel/vibe. Turn trinkets you have collected over the years as a wall hanging or get handmade wall hangings for your home to complete the bohemian look you are trying to achieve. Leaving your walls blank would be a mistake you would not want to make.

Now that you are up to speed with what qualifies as bohemian and how you can make the most of it, you can start decorating your home into the perfect space for you and your loved ones. The essence of Bohemian décor is in its comfort so make sure you do not overdo things. If you are looking for pieces to decorate your bohemian home check out our store for some inspiration.

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